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Hospice Hug has spent a lot of time talking with bereavement staff. We understand your need to be more hands-on in the delivery of services to your clients, and feel more connected to the job you were hired to do.

  • Replace the paperwork with more peoplework

  • Add more time into your schedule for one-on-one support and care

  • Feel more satisfied and fulfilled in your role and contribution to the hospice team

  • Take leave time and know patients are cared for and communications are sent

  • Eliminate concern something was overlooked or a patient contact was missed

  • Always know the status of your clients through online access

  • Be surveyor-ready with records automatically kept and stored

  • Be confident reporting to the hospice IDT - contacts are tracked and notes are supported

  • Have client information readilly available for support or backup staff

  • Have insight into a bereaved's areas of interest or concern to tailor personal discussions

Hospice Hug gets you back into the role that you dedicate your days to – caring for others. Discover how bereavement services can be delivered in a whole new way that allows you to get back to doing what you do best - the peoplework.

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