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What is Hospice Hug?

Hospice Hug is a customizable bereavement solution which assists you in the planning, delivery, and tracking of a complete bereavement program.  Materials are professionally created by experts in the field to assure a safe environment for people to be companioned through the grieving process, when and where they choose.

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Customizable Care Plans

You choose the care plan that best serves the individual needs of your grieving clients.  The care plans have been designed by professional social workers to serve a variety of issues: complicated grief, normal grief, spousal loss, loss of a child, children's grief, teen grief, etc.

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Care Management

Manage grievers' information in a very simple and effective way.  You can add all your current clients at once, for a quick start approach, or you can add individualsThe materials are automatically individualized, and appropriate based on your expertise.  Some of the features allow you to complete an assessment, easily group families or contacts to ensure that everyone gets served and special needs are accommodated. 

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Individualized Content

Materials are individualized automatically with your clients pertinent information, so you talk to your clients as an individual rather than addressing them as a group. 

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Delivery that is made easy and fun.  Hospice Hug strives to give you and your clients total control over how the materials are delivered.  The multimedia approach accommodates a variety of preferences in the way that people like to take in informationIn the schedule of delivery, materials can be sent by e-mail or snail mail based on their preference.  Email sends directly and all you have to do is look in their record to see when it was sent.  Snail mail queues up in two folders.  The first folder has all the printed communications that are to go out that day or that week.  The second folder is the corresponding mailing labels.  All you have to do is print both folders.  Stuff, sticker and stamp and you're done!

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Allow people to give feedback to help you continually improve.  There are opportunities and prompts that your grievers will be given to respond to you and give you feedback.  The surveys not only give you feedback to how the individual is doing, but it also gives you feedback on how you are serving your grieving population on specific services, topics, and issues.  Many will be able to claim this as a QAPI program.

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Communications, surveys, and feedback are date stamped and  tracked automatically and easily.  All your records are in one convenient place and can be easily sampled or retrieved to substantiate your efforts.  Reports are generated from survey responses and generate graphical representations for easy communication to others.

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Sign-up with Hospice Hug is quick and easy.  We can have you up and running with a professional bereavement solution in no time!

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