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As a marketing professional, much of your time is spent courting physician offices, conducting community presentations, and coordinating fundraising.  This leaves your best resource untapped - the satisfied families who were served by your program.

As a savvy community relations professional you recognize that bereavement services can be a tool for community outreach, referral, name recognition, volunteer recruitment, public relations, fund raising, and building good will within your community.

Supports your marketing by maintaining a database of the best referral resources a hospice has - the families and friends impacted positively by your program

  • Forge strong relationships between your hospice and bereaved clients, reaching deeply into the community through direct referrals

  • Providing better bereavement leads to positive community relations

  • Build a stronger donor base from bereavement client referrals

  • Keep in touch through tailored newsletters, invitations, and specialized communication

  • Customize survey tools for measurable feedback on your efforts

  • Easily maintain supportive and long-term connections with bereaved family and friends

You work hard partnering with your community, and we work hard making that easier for you to do.

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