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Bereavement Hug embodies an approach to caring for your grieving clients through true innovation in bereavement care, utilizing concepts and technology new to the hospice industry. The solution we have developed for the grief stricken redefines bereavement support, employing powerful new communication technologies and resources sensitive to the perspective of the bereaved user - walking them through the grief process on a self-directed path, all while empowering the bereavement staffs' involvement in their healing process.

  • Bereaved have control during a very personal and private time

  • They are connected to the human touch and expertise of your trained staff

  • They have a lasting connection to their loved one's final care giver

Not a mail-merge system, Bereavement Hug is a multimedia approach to communication.

  • Combines a variety of personalized and individually customized grief materials delivered to your clients in the manner of their choosing.

  • They receive information tailored to individual circumstances, from normal to complicated grief

The process begins with each individual client and the bereavement coordinator

  1. Client information is collected on a detailed and easy to use assessment tool that can be edited to your specific program's needs – it is then entered into a personalized record

  2. The bereaved receives communications once each month - or more, tailored by the assessment tool, and can include special dates and remembrances meaningful to them.

  3. The specialized communications introduce them to what can be expected, and issues that they may confront during the grief healing process over time.

  4. Short, initial communications tailored and timed through specialized communication tracks speak directly to each individual, addressing them by name and include references to their loved one and important dates and occasions.

  5. Within each communication bereaved are linked directly to additional support materials that can help address issues of importance to them, and for further opportunities and resources.

  6. Because each person receives information differently, or may have difficulty with printed materials, your clients are offered a variety of ways to explore their topics of interest through a multimedia approach - offering audio, text, and some video formats.

Clients are connected to a wide variety of multimedia articles with accompanying audio, all available through the Interactive Multimedia resource Center, available anytime they may need to reach out for them.

  • Bereavement Hug's online resources include a variety of excercises and activities like journaling, art therapy, and empty chair support exercises.

  • The Local Community Resource Center provides your bereaved with access to community events and support groups that you can tailor to your community.

  • The Communication resource Center includes an internet blog and chat room - assisting your clients in non-threatening ways that help them to stay connected.

  • Each bereaved has the opportunity to opt in for a “positive thought for the day” in affirmation of their emotional well being.

  • Each bereaved is empowered to make support choices based on their schedule for grieving that is personal and paced to them.

  • Bereavement staff can easily add and edit content, and personalize it to the unique resources that you have developed through your own program.

  • Easy, non-threatening response tools are included in Bereavement Hug, and the bereaved are encouraged to respond back to you, communicating the level of their needs and the progress they are making to achieve the goals determined by you and your plan of care for them.

  • Staff interaction with clients, and all actions initiated by clients, are documented for simple retrieval when the surveyors arrive, an IDT meeting is planned, or when someone other than yourself needs to follow up with your clients in your absence. You can even add clinical notes on personal calls and follow-up communications.

Communication care, and helping the individual or the community heal is what Bereavement Hug is all about. Bereavement Hug works for your clients by complimenting and enhancing your communications and bereavement program – helping you to express how much you care about your clients by providing excellence in support, and the commitment to be there for them.

Learning more about how you can include Bereavement Hug as a partner in your bereavement program is comfortable and easy, simply give us a call at the number on your screen or send us an email. No one will “sell” you, and your questions will be professionally answered directly by our internal support staff, and are never outsourced.

It all starts with you!

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