What is Hospice Hug? (Continued)

The Hospice Hug line of solutions presents a new approach in supporting the delivery of services to your hospice patients, families and community.  We design and build our “peopleware” from the users perspective. Our philosophy is to get rid of the paperwork to allow for more peoplework – which is the core mission of what hospices do.

Hospice Hug Bereavement Solution promises to...

  • Add hours, days, and months back into your bereavement support schedule

  • Turn your bereavement cost center into a value center

  • Help you to better serve your hospice families, and increase your outreach

  • Connect bereavement support to other aspects of your hospice organization

  • Build value and resources for your hospice program

  • Help you manage bereavement regulatory compliance and reporting

With Hospice Hug's Bereavement solution you will...

  • Strengthen the role of bereavement support by eliminating unnecessary paperwork

  • Build a bereavement program that is client-choice driven

  • Contribute to volunteerism, donor development and community marketing

  • Build stong relationships with your best referral sources - the families that you serve

You will experience...

  • Increased time for one-on-one support and bereavement care

  • The merging of technology with hands-on functionality

  • Expert professional content delivered in a way that is understood by the public

  • A high level of warmth, personalization and customization in your individualized communications

  • Bereavement staff and clients working together to identify needs and facilitate delivery of resources

Hospice Hug returns the role of bereavement support to its original intent - providing tools and personalized support to help soften the grief experienced when the loss of a loved one occurs.

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